Let’s talk about DNF.   

No, I don’t mean Do Not F— with me.  lol*  You horriable minded folks.  I’m kidding! I’m kidding!  No I am talking about Did Not Finish.

I had my first Do Not Finish.  I must say I was really upset by this.  I mean how does one tell the publisher “Sorry I did not finish your book“.

My first DNF was called The Marriage Pact by Michelle Richmond.  Now I am not saying that the book was terriable.  I am saying I just could not get into the book.  I picked it up and started reading it and I felt the book had a good  plot but the beginning execution could not hold my attention.  Here is my message to the publisher:

“I really could not get into the book. I hated to do it but I had to put it on my DNF list. I really cannot leave an honest review. The book just started out really jumpy and confusing and kind of boring. Sorry. I will try again and if I can get into it I will leave an honest review. But at this time it is unfair for me to try. Thank you for the opportunity.”

What do you think?  Did I handle that well or was I mean?

How do you handle the DNF’s of the world.


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  1. You handled it well. Honesty is what every publisher should appreciate. Also, people must understand that the beginning 5% of your books should have enough properly laid out hooks in order to keep readers reading.

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  2. I don’t feel bad about DNFing a book at all unless I was asked to review it then I trudge through it. It’s like watching the pilot of a show. If I’m not hooked in the first or even the second show then it’s just a no go. I can’t force myself to read or watch something that’s boring the hell out of me, lol

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    • I know right. But I thought I might try again at a later date. I have so many TBR’s that I just could not force myself to continue the book. It was taking so much time to get through the first couple chapters. I don’t know why but I just could not finish it .

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      • I have a giant TBR as well but if that book doesn’t do it for me I usually try again with a different series. For example, I think the Throne of Glass books by Sarah Maas are terrible. I read one and no. But her Court of Thorns and Roses series is 1000x better!

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  3. I think you handle that pretty well, I usually struggle a lot with DNFing books and try to pick it up again and again to give the book a chance but I’ve started to avoid this because I need to be honest and if a particular book doesn’t hold your attention why bother with finishing? I think it’s best to put it down and maybe in the future you’ll pick it up again.

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  4. Kind of like you did. I’m honest but diplomatic. It’s no use trying to finish some book you don’t like as it will be counterproductive and give a bad review. I just always am respectful of the writer-s work.

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  5. I actually just went back and scrolled through your blog to find this because I am having to do the same thing!! I really wanted to like this book that an author asked me to review, but I simply can’t. It’s killing me to read it and I don’t want to spend my time reading books I don’t enjoy when there are so many others out there that I want to read. So THANK YOU for this post!!! It was SO helpful!!

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  6. When I struggle with a book, especially if it’s an ARC, I contact the distributor of the ARC and let them know what specific issues I’m having with the book. It has been my experience that the publisher/author is appreciative of even negative feedback. I found your message professional and appropriate.

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