Review Willow’s Discovery

Willow’s Discovery (The Winters Sisters #3)

by Joanne Jaytanie (Goodreads Author)  Willow's Discovery (The Winters Sisters Book 3) by [Jaytanie, Joanne]
4.59  ·  Rating Details ·  29 Ratings  ·  23 Reviews
Willow’s next discovery could get her killed. Willow Winters has been safely ensconced in London managing the international division of the Winters Corporation. But the vicious Kaleidoscope Group is relentless in its pursuit of the Winters sisters and their scientific breakthroughs. They’ve planted a mole in the company ranks, making Willow’s paranormal abilities crucial in the search for the traitor. Unearthing this spy will expose Willow as a threat and put her squarely in the sights of the murderous Kaleidoscope Group. Wyatt Farraday is a military liaison to the Winters Corporation. Consumed with keeping Victory and Payton Winters alive, he’s had no life of his own. Now the third triplet has returned home and his job just got exponentially harder. Willow outdoes her sisters in the hardheaded department. She’s independent and can take care of herself and she doesn’t need Wyatt to watch out for her. But Wyatt’s determined to watch her in every way he can. Willow’s Discovery is book three in The Winters Sisters series. Begin your adventure with Book One: Chasing Victory and Book Two: Payton’s Pursuit.

My Review

Oh my!  This series is getting better and better.  I mean I really have to give Joanne Jaytanie props, she is an amazing author.

Book 3 is leading with Willow’s story.  Willow is slowing discovering her abilities.  Wyatt is always on her case and they fight like cats and dogs.  Willow is on a mission to find out what her mother was really working on and help Victory find a formula to buffer Collin’s  DNA.  As Willow is following the bread crumbs, she has someone who is stalking her.  They are leaving her cryptic notes and she does not know who to trust.  Wyatt is the one who is her constant at every turn.  Will Willow and Wyatt put there differences aside and get along long enough to find the stalker?  Will Wyatt be able to save Willow and keep her from becoming the next person to turn up dead?

In this book the story is continuing to unfold and we finally get to learn who some of the key players in the KG are.  I mean these people are so deep in this it is scary.  Not only that but Willow discovers a big secret her mother has kept from them.  Wyatt Mr. Single hot man commander fights the strange feelings he has for Willow.  Noah becomes real close to Willow.  The story is a real page turner.  I have been on the edge the whole time wondering what is gonna happen next.  I am ready to read book and am very nervous that it will end in a cliff hanger and I will be stuck with a WTF and going into withdrawals.  The characters are getting better and better.  They are forming a strong bond and becoming more like a family.   If you haven’t picked these up yet, you better hurry.  I mean what are you waiting for!!!  These are freaking amazing.  Off to book….wish me luck!  badge_kindle


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