Review: Catching Lily

Catching Lily

By: Julia ImariCatching Lily by [Imari, Julia]

This is the first book I have read by Julia. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. This book is about a small business girl named Lily who custom designs handbags. She is struggling with her business, trying to keep others from stealing her designs. One day a guy name Alan walks into the store and she is struck by how handsome he is. Alan is a patent attorney who is investigating fraud. As soon as he sees Lily he is struck by her beauty and is curious about how she could be involved. Can Lily save her business and keep her heart from breaking? Can Alan find out who is behind it all and save Lily from danger in the process? This book was extremely well written. The author took her time to develop the story and lay out the plot. The development of the characters were unique and interesting. This story was not rushed. This book will definitely keep you guessing to the very end. You never know who is involved in the whole scheme. Overall it was a very good book. I will read more by this author. I do recommend this book. It’s a very cozy read.

4 Stars  small star 2              badge_kindle



In a charming Massachusetts town, Lily Perfect, a budding, savvy entrepreneur has her sights set on running her own boutique filled with handmade creations. The last thing she wants is the complication of a man. But just when her business begins attracting attention, a dangerously handsome, sexy, and mysterious man strides into her shop and turns her life upside down.

Alan Perry isn’t fooled by Lily’s apparent disinterest. He knows there’s more to her than just her handbags. She has secrets, and he’s determined to reveal them…before she can reveal his. Little does Alan know, he may have just met his match.


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