Review: Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

By:  Allie HarrisonHide and Seek by [Harrison, Allie]


This is the first book I have read from this author and I have to say I was very impressed.  It is about a woman named Tess who has the gift to touch the dead and see their last moments before death.  Jake is a homicide detective whom she assists to solve murders.  When Tess touches a woman who Jake thinks is the result of a serial killer, she is pulled in deeper than ever before.  With the help of Dr Adams she is able to stay grounded.  But will this be enough?  With the killer getting closer Tess gets deeper.  Will she be able to find him and save his next victims?  Or will he find her and kill her too?

This book was steady paced and exciting.   The characters had wonderful charisma and interaction.  I got lost in the story, unable to put it down.  This book is a paranormal mystery romance.  It is a page turner that will keep you wondering what will happen next.  This book has the great potential of becoming a series.  I am definitely interested in reading more from this author.



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As a child, Tess Fairmont learned the horror of her psychic gift—the ability to not only see, but experience, the last moments of a murder victim’s life when she grasps their hand. Now, as an adult, Tess has learned just what a curse her ability is, but she still does what she can to help solve murder cases. But when she uses her talent to help the Chicago PD try to stop a serial killer, she finds there are things more terrifying than her visions . . . like the way this killer can connect with her through her psychic ability. She soon finds the only place she is safe is in the arms of Dr. Michael Adams . . . until the killer draws closer. Then she finds herself not only fighting for her own life, but for Michael’s, as the killer engages her in a deadly game of hide-and-seek.


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