Release Day Buttons & Pain!!!!

Oh Oh Oh!!!!  It’s is release day for Buttons & Pain By: Penelope Sky.  I am sooooo excited.  I have been patiently waiting for this book to release.  This series is freakin’ fantastic.  I have to admit though it is a really dark series, but it is an amazing story.

It is about a girl named Pearl who is kidnapped and sold as a sex slave.  The books go on to talk about the rape and abuse she endures.  She is then kidnapped by a rival enemy of the man who bought her.  Her new captor says she can earn her freedom one button at a time.

This series has been amazing.  I have read several reviews on it and some don’t like the story line due to the graphic nature of abuse and punishment Pearl is put through.  Sort of like when Fifty Shades of Gray came out and most reviews were, “Satan Inspired, sick mind and page after page of explicit sex content.” “This book might as well be a porno.” not even reading on to the next book to see that there is a story deep within.  Where Mr. Gray learns to love and Anastasia teaches him about life and love.  Or how he almost lost her to a sub who was on the edge of crazy or her ex-boss who went nuts.  This series is similar.   You have to read the whole series to get the meaning of what is happening.  I really enjoyed the books so far and I am so excited to finish.  I want to know if Pearl will be free or if Crow will love?  Will Bones find Pearl and kill her?  It is a great story that at first was hard to take in, but had you hooked.

If you are interested just click the book covers and purchase.  But again I am warning you, these are not for the faint hearted people.  They are dark and disturbing at times. With graphic descriptions of torture and rape.

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Remember you can find all these books in my Kindle Store.


**Note: Quotes clips for Fifty Shades of Gray came from Amazon Customer reviews.**



2 thoughts on “Release Day Buttons & Pain!!!!

  1. You make me want to start this now. I’m SO curious. Seriously curious. MINE!!!! This is my kind of read. Thanks for recommending it to me. 😁👍🏻❤️

    “Satan Inspired, sick mind and page after page of explicit sex content.” “This book might as well be a porno.” Hahaha 🤣🤣🤣 you remind me. I read these kinds of reviews and could only laugh. I LOVE Mr Grey. Haha.. ❤️😍

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love Mr. Grey too. I laugh at some of those reviews to and often wonder, “Why did you read it to begin with?” Noone forced them to read the books. But then I scold myself and say “Well if they did not post such reviews then I never would have read it to begin with!” hahaha


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