Beauty in Summer

Review:  Beauty in Summer By:  Ellea Goode

34808675I was a little disappointed with this book. The book snyopsis drew me in like a moth to a flame. Don’t get me wrong, the book is not horriable. The book is just missing a huge part. This book starts off so good and then it rushes into the sex then bam it is “The End”. I felt that the author had a great plot started and there were so many places it could have gone, but it just didn’t. It only took me like two hours to read it. Not sure if I recommend this book or not. I guess if you want a quickie then this is for you.

I gave it 2 Stars 11.png


Bellamy Beaumont thought nothing could be worse than being broke and jobless. Then she found out her parents sold her to a mysterious company with its headquarters far from town. Inside the huge but plain concrete building she finds a growling new boss who doesn’t seem to want a new assistant. But who also refuses to let her leave. And what is his obsession with her scent?

Adrian Garrett’s life is fine. Perfectly fine. He runs his pack and his company with efficiency and has no time for a mate. No matter how loud and how angry his wolf becomes, Garrett believes that a mate is unnecessary. That is, until Bellamy is brought to his attention. One sniff and he’s smitten.

The problem is that Bellamy is a human and Garrett’s a wolf. Can one beauty save the beast?


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