A Bride for a Day

Review:  A Bride for a Day (Matchmaker Cafe Book 2) By: Pam Binder

33986235This is the first book by this author that I have read.  Even though this is the second book in the series, you can read it as a standalone.  This is a modern day Cinderella story.  This is a quirky, cute and sweet romance.  I loved the book.  It was a very unusual romantic tale for Cinderella and her prince Charming.

C.C. (better known as Cinderella Charming) is an assistant working for the sexy football star Michael.  Michael is engaged to Super Model Tatiana who is going through a divorce.  In order for Michael to get a part in a movie, he needs to show that he is settling down.  Harold, Michael’s best friend, has arranged the perfect plan.  He arranges for C.C. and Michael to get “fake married”.  The Matchmaker Sisters see something no one else sees, Michael loves C.C..  So the sisters arranged for them to travel back in time, to help them bond.  Will there plan work?  Can Michael and C.C. beat all the odds against them?

This story was so sweet and exciting.  I really enjoyed the tale.  It was a romantic story like it has never been told before.  I loved the going back in time to help love bloom.  Such a cute concept.  The characters were sweet and caring.  And there was an opening left for another story.  I am interested in seeing how this series will continue.  I loved the authors take on romance and she seems to have a great road paved for a brilliant series.  I give it 5 Stars.  small star 1  badge_kindle


Of course, Cinderella Charming, C.C. to the world, had heard of “marriages of convenience.” After all, her parents had named her and her siblings after fairytale characters, even though she resembled one of Cinderella’s cute mice friends rather than a princess. She was also an avid romance reader.

But when her boss, the insanely handsome star quarterback and playboy Michael Campbell, proposed the fake marriage plan, her rational self screamed its objections. True, she’d be given a generous bonus when the marriage was annulled, so she could open her own restaurant. True, the fake marriage would help improve Michael’s image. True, she was in Scotland, one of her favorite places of all time. But C.C.’s main objection, and this was a big one, was that she feared she’d already fallen in love with Michael, and they would be spending New Year’s Eve together…alone.

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