Sunday Reads

What are you reading?  Looking for a good read, then check this out…….

Fox and O’Hare Series

Product DetailsJanet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg team up to write this great series of cops and robbers.  In this series you have FBI Agent Kate O’Hare and International Con Man Nicolas Fox in a tale of cat and mouse chase.  Agent O’Hare is on the chase to catch con man Nicolas Fox.  Nick loves the chase and does everything he can to embarrass and tease O’Hare.  Finally comes the day when Kate outsmarts him and arrests him.  But somehow he escapes.  Kate is on teh hunt for him again and when she finds him, she finds that her boss let him go in exchange of him helping Kate to con and arrests the big fish of international thieves.  Kate and O’Hare have a strong love hate relationship and very strong chemistry.  With the help of odd crew members, they set out to con the con mans.  Can they save the day and capture the thieves?  Or will they fall into bed together?  You will need to read to find out.  These books are extremely humorous, dangerous and fun.  The chemistry between Fox and O’Hare is sexy.  This series is highly addictive.  So if you are looking for a fun read, then you are in the right place.  #happyreading #janetevanovich

Order of Books

Product DetailsPros and Cons Product DetailsThe Heist Product DetailsThe Chase   Product DetailsThe Shell Game Product DetailsThe Job Product DetailsThe Scam

Product DetailsThe Pursuit


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