Monday Reads

Hello Readers!  It’s that day we all dread…..MONDAY!  Ugghhhh.  I am sure most of you agree that Mondays are that one day of the week that you have to struggle to get through.

With that being said how about I share some read suggestions I have received this week.

These two books are only $0.99 each this week.

Love, Lies and other Deceptions  and The Educator

Furniture Fatality in Las Vegas: A Cozy Tiffany Black Mystery (Tiffany Black Mysteries Book 9) by [Winters, A.R.]

This is Book is #9 in one of my favorite series.  You have a casino pit worker turned private investigator.  All she ever wanted was to be the best investigator and her parents want her to settle down and find a nice man.  She gets herself into some pretty crazy situations.  She is a “Stephanie Plum” meets “Addison Holmes“.  These books are laugh out loud funny.  This week it is $3.99.

Furniture Fatality in Las Vegas

These three books are up for pre-order.

The Store By:James Patterson $13.99 – Release Date 08/14/17

The Hunt By: Chloe Niell-$11.99 Release Date 09/26/17

Ghostly Wrecks By: Lily Harper Hart – $3.99 Release Date 05/02/17

So let’s tell Monday we are not gonna take it and pick up a good book.  #happyreading




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