Review: The Wedding Charm

This is the first book from this author I have read. I loved it!!! It was fun, sweet, and romantic. The story flowed smoothly. The author told such a wonderful tale. It was so fun to read and he lost in the characters. I didn’t want to put it down. It was a romance story that has never been told before. The wedding charm is quickly fun romantic and sweet.
The main characters Sarah and Ben have excellent chemistry. Sarah is snarky, quirky, funny and has trouble trusting Ben.  Ben is smart, serious, fun and doesn’t have faith in marriage. They are both tasked with going to Atlanta to find Jill’s Grandmother’s wedding charm. Jill and Ryan can’t get married until they have the charm. While in Atlanta they have to perform three tasks while pretending to be an engaged couple, to be able to obtain the charm. Can they perform the tasks and fool everyone? Will their hearts survive and make it back in time to save Jill’s wedding? Well let’s just say you must read to find out. I definitely recommend this book. #happyreading #fangirl      I give this 5 starssmall star 1
 Check it out on Amazon The Wedding Charm

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