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Review: Give the Devil His Due By: Steve Hockensmith

Ok I want to say that I had a hard time staying on this book. Usually it doesn’t take long to get through a book, but this one was that one that just took longer. The book was a good book. I just thought it was a little slow and somewhat confusing. I got lost a little in the conversations between characters. Sometimes not knowing who was doing the talking. It may just be that I have not read others in the series. This could have contributed to some of the lost feelings.  With that being said, it had a good baseline for the story. The plot was well thought out. The characters were unique. I enjoyed the ending very much. Overall it was a good book and I would recommend it to readers who like tarot cards and physic style books.  I give this book 3 stars. small star 3

Check it out on Amazon now for $7.99  Give the Devil His Due
Give the Devil His Due (A Tarot Mystery) by [Hockensmith, Steve, Falco, Lisa]


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