Release Day for Walk of Shame

32491187Today is Release Day for Lauren Layne and Love Swept publishing and guess what it is only $4.99 on Kindle/Amazon.  I did a ARC review on this a few weeks back and I gotta say I loved it!

I want to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I really love the fact that the author took the time to tell the story. She did not rush it, which actually seems to happen a lot in the Romance novels. I have read a lot of Romance novels that will start out with a great story and then rush through to the end so fast it loses the potential, it started with, to be a wonderful book. Lauren takes to time to lay out the plot and introduce the characters and taking that potential and turning it into a Great book. The story was well thought out. You may think of it as a princess and the frog story.  I love the chemistry between the main characters Andrew and Georgiana. The sexual chemistry is amazing. I found the book not only romantic but fun. There were several moments of laugh out loud fun and moments of sadness. I like the mix of characters and it was easy to imagine being there or maybe watching it on the big screen. The book was captivating. I am definitely interested in reading other works by this author. Happy Reading!!!  #FANGIRL
Check it out now Walk Of Shame

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