Live Now!!!

34876851So excited!!!  Faleena Hopkins has released Ethan’s book.  OMG!!!! If you have not read any books in the Cocker Brother Series, then you better go out and get one right now.  This series is highly addictive.  With hot brothers and now their gorgous kids.  You can’t go wrong!

1. Jake Cocker (Ethan’s dad) – Cocky Roomie

2. Jett Cocker – Cocky Biker

3. Jaxson Cocker – Cocky Cowboy

4. Jason Cocker – Cocky Romantic

5. Justin Cocker (Hannah’s Dad) – Cocky Senator

6. Justin Cocker – Cocky Soldier

7. Honey Badger (holiday spinoff) A Honey Badger X-Mas

8. Hannah Cocker – Cocky Senator’s Daughter

9. Ethan Cocker – Cocky Genius  Check out Ethans story now for $0.99




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