Netflix Binge

So I started binge watching a new show on Netflix. It is called a drop dead diva. And I just have to say that this show has a unique sense blend of comedy and romance.  The show is about this girl named Jane, who actually started out as Deb who takes and gets into a car accident and dies.  While in heaven she hits the return button and gets sent back into another woman’s body named Jane who was eight years older and a laywer.  Jane goes through a big struggle of trying to fit into her new self.  She’s still in love with her widowed fiancé who works for her firm.  Fred is the guy that she hit the return key on in heaven and got demoted to be her guardian angel.  He dates her bff from before she was Jane.  Her bff is aware she is Deb and becomes her roommate.  The show is funny and highly addictive.  I highly recommend the this show. Check it out.  Check out this video on YouTube:

Image result for drop dead diva

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