Sunday Reads

What are you reading?  Looking for a good read, then check this out....... Fox and O'Hare Series Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg team up to write this great series of cops and robbers.  In this series you have FBI Agent Kate O'Hare and International Con Man Nicolas Fox in a tale of cat and mouse… Continue reading Sunday Reads

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Review: Charmed by Charlie By Amanda Uhl

This is the first book by this author I have read. I got to say I am impressed. This was a sweet romantic story with a roller coaster of emotions. I was impressed with the authors style of writing. She did not rush the book, instead took the time to develop and tell the story.… Continue reading Review: Charmed by Charlie By Amanda Uhl

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Cocky Genius By: Faleena Hopkins

A few days back it was release day for this guy's story.  I did a release day blog post.  Well I finally had time to read it.  I just have to say oh my.  This book was amazing. Here is my review. My Review I want to say that this book was awesome!  I think… Continue reading Cocky Genius By: Faleena Hopkins


Throw Back Thursday

Ghost Hunter Mysteries So for my TBT this week, I am reintroducing the Ghost Hunters Series By: Victoria Laurie. This is another favorite of mine. Victoria Laurie is a real psychic. She really uses her experiences in her books. She has two series I love Ghost Hunters and Psychic Eye Series. In the Ghost Hunter Series… Continue reading Throw Back Thursday

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Review: Gone to Dust By: Liliana Hart

  Book 2 of the Gravediggers Series was freggin’ amazing.  I think it was better than the first book.  I loved it!  This one tells the story of Miller the writer and Elias.  Elias is out for revenge and doesn’t have time to love.  Miller is on the hunt for her brother.  Since Miller is… Continue reading Review: Gone to Dust By: Liliana Hart