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Sunday Reads

What are you reading?  Looking for a good read, then check this out…….

Fox and O’Hare Series

Product DetailsJanet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg team up to write this great series of cops and robbers.  In this series you have FBI Agent Kate O’Hare and International Con Man Nicolas Fox in a tale of cat and mouse chase.  Agent O’Hare is on the chase to catch con man Nicolas Fox.  Nick loves the chase and does everything he can to embarrass and tease O’Hare.  Finally comes the day when Kate outsmarts him and arrests him.  But somehow he escapes.  Kate is on teh hunt for him again and when she finds him, she finds that her boss let him go in exchange of him helping Kate to con and arrests the big fish of international thieves.  Kate and O’Hare have a strong love hate relationship and very strong chemistry.  With the help of odd crew members, they set out to con the con mans.  Can they save the day and capture the thieves?  Or will they fall into bed together?  You will need to read to find out.  These books are extremely humorous, dangerous and fun.  The chemistry between Fox and O’Hare is sexy.  This series is highly addictive.  So if you are looking for a fun read, then you are in the right place.  #happyreading #janetevanovich

Order of Books

Product DetailsPros and Cons Product DetailsThe Heist Product DetailsThe Chase   Product DetailsThe Shell Game Product DetailsThe Job Product DetailsThe Scam

Product DetailsThe Pursuit


Review: Charmed by Charlie By Amanda Uhl

This is the first book by this author I have read. I got to say I am impressed. This was a sweet romantic story with a roller coaster of emotions. I was impressed with the authors style of writing. She did not rush the book, instead took the time to develop and tell the story. It definitely had you guessing in some parts. The characters were fun, witty and entertaining. Val really struggled with trust issues. But still did what she could to help others. I would recommend this book. It is a cozy sweet read. I’m definitely looking forward to reading more from her. 34676872
Get here on Amazon Now for $3.99

Cocky Genius By: Faleena Hopkins

34876851A few days back it was release day for this guy’s story.  I did a release day blog post.  Well I finally had time to read it.  I just have to say oh my.  This book was amazing. Here is my review.

My Review

I want to say that this book was awesome!  I think I liked it best of all.  Ethan is a rich, wonderful, sexy, geeky, snarky smart aleck, who just happens to be a genius. I loved the way Faleena told his story.  It was like we were right there with him as he shared his story.  There were so many times that I was laughing so hard I thought I would die.  Then there was the one seen with Jett that had me crying and sniffling.  That scene was a long time coming.  Loved it.

Faleena used her fans in picking things out in scenes and Charli’s name.  She made contest for us to participate in, allowing us to be included in her writing process.  I love how she interacts with her fans.  She makes things fun.  She never disappoints with the Cocker Books.  They are so much fun to read.  You start and won’t put the book down till it is done.  I give Ethan’s story 5 stars small star 1  Wonder who is next?

Get it now for $.99 on Amazon

Check out the Goodreads on it:


I feel clammy. On edge.
I want to hit him or kiss him and neither is appropriate.
After all, I’m his boss.
Between you and me…
I’ve got quite a few things
I’d like to order this cocky genius to do
But my grandpa didn’t raise no fools.

You want to know how intelligent I am?
I know you’re reading this, that’s how smart I am.
I’ve been hired to save Wyntech Industries from a hacker.
But I don’t need the money.
Unless it’s to throw from my private jet as confetti.
I’m doing this job only for the fun of it.
Until I lock eyes with a redheaded princess who treats me like a pauper.
See I thought Charlie Reed, CEO of Wyntech, would be a man.
So she doesn’t like me much.
Maybe you can help me change that…

In the vein of Deadpool and Ferris Bueller, meet COCKY GENIUS: ETHAN COCKER – a stand-alone romance in the hit series ‘Cocker Brothers of Atlanta’ about six bad boy brothers, and now their amazing kids grown up years later. This series is carefully written so that any book can be enjoyed first.

* Ethan is the eldest son of Jake Cocker from Cocky Roomie (Book 1). You can read this book first and not spoil an ounce of that story.


Throw Back Thursday

Ghost Hunter Mysteries

So for my TBT this week, I am reintroducing the Ghost Hunters Series By: Victoria Laurie. Product DetailsThis is another favorite of mine. Victoria Laurie is a real psychic. She really uses her experiences in her books. She has two series I love Ghost Hunters and Psychic Eye Series.
In the Ghost Hunter Series you have MJ Holliday. MJ is a spiritual medium. MJ and her gay BFF Gilly are always off on an adventure. MJ is the strong one, whom is not afraid of anything and Gilly is afraid of everything. MJ runs a business with Gilly sending ghosts to the other side. They deal with some nasty ghosts, often putting them in real danger. There are love interests, a funny parrot, and many dangerous things that go bump in the night.
These books are fun, scary, sweet and mysterious. Once you pick one up, you won’t put them down. You will definitely be addicted. Don’t forget they have the catchiest titles ever. I love them and you will too. Try them out today.

(Picture of Ms. Laurie from Amazon)

On Amazon:
Product DetailsWhat’s a Ghoul to Do? (Ghost Hunter Mysteries, No. 1)


Product DetailsDemons Are a Ghoul’s Best Friend (Ghost Hunter Mysteries, No. 2)




Product DetailsGhouls Just Haunt to Have Fun (Ghost Hunter Mysteries, No. 3)

Product DetailsGhouls Gone Wild (Ghost Hunter Mysteries, No. 4)
Product DetailsGhouls Ghouls Ghouls (Ghost Hunter Mysteries, No. 5)

Product DetailsGhoul Interrupted (Ghost Hunter Mysteries, No. 6)

Product DetailsWhat a Ghoul Wants (Ghost Hunter Mysteries, No. 7)

Product Details

The Ghoul Next Door (Ghost Hunter Mysteries, No. 8)

Product DetailsNo Ghouls Allowed (Ghost Hunter Mysteries, No. 9)




Product DetailsA Ghouls Guide To Love (Ghost Hunter Mysteries, No. 10)

Review: Gone to Dust By: Liliana Hart



Book 2 of the Gravediggers Series was freggin’ amazing.  I think it was better than the first book.  I loved it!  This one tells the story of Miller the writer and Elias.  Elias is out for revenge and doesn’t have time to love.  Miller is on the hunt for her brother.  Since Miller is Tess’s bestie, Deacon won’t let her go alone on the hunt.  With the help of the team she and Elias go in search for her brother.  As they are in a dangerous place Elias opens up more and the relationship unfolds.  I enjoyed the snarky banter between these two characters.

This book was action packed from the beginning.  And the sex scenes, let’s just say oh la la!  That Elias is one sexy man!  In this book you learn a little more about the background of the Gravedigger operation.  The characters in this book are very unique.  I love reading their story as it unfolds and develops.

Ms.  Hart has out done herself with this series.  It is a roller coaster of thrill, fun, danger and excitement.  I can’t wait to see what happens with the other team members.  This is going to be a great journey.   This series could definitely make a great movie.  I highly recommend this for any one like’s action packed sexy adventures.  #happyreader

I give it 5 small star 1 Release Date 06/20/2017 Get it here Gone to Dust


New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Liliana Hart returns to her suspenseful Grave Diggers series featuring five dead men tasked with saving the world…and their latest member who risks it all for love.

Sometimes the dead do rise…

Miller Darling is one of the most popular romance novelists of her time. Not bad for a woman who doesn’t believe in romance. She’s as logical as they come, and she doesn’t believe in happily-ever-afters. What she does believe in is family, so when her brother disappears, she doesn’t think twice about packing her bag and her laptop and heading out to find him.

Elias Cole has an axe to grind. Of all the Gravediggers, he’s the most reluctant in his new role as dead man walking. He’s angry, and being stuck in the tiny town of Last Stop, Texas might as well be purgatory. He misses his country and the life he had before he was betrayed. The only thing keeping him sane are the men who are like him—the Gravediggers—and the woman who makes his head spin. He’s never met anyone like Miller Darling. She’s not intimidated by his scowls, and damned if he doesn’t find that appealing.

When Miller sneaks out of town in the dead of night, her suitcase in tow, he has no choice but to follow. He’s made an oath to the Gravediggers. Only death can separate them. But he’s willing to risk it all to follow the one woman who drives him crazy halfway around the world. But when the ones who own his soul find out that he’s deserted them, there will be nowhere to hide.


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